Bio - Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5
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Shiny disco ball hat wearing, ultimate genre hopping, twisted festival, live stage machine that puts the emphasis on music, entertaining & laughter.

“Like a new Sensational Alex Harvey Band” – James Allan (Glasvegas).
“…the most mind-blowing band we’ve seen in a long time… UNBELIEVABLY unsigned.” – Matthew Priest (Dodgy).
“One of the most entertaining live acts in Scotland right now…” – Jim Gellatly (Radio Presenter & DJ – XFM Scotland & Amazing Radio)
“…essentially a mini-festival in themselves…” – Mumblefest Festivals.

We are the flagbearers of the Yellow Movement. A creative community making things happen and bringing people together in peace, love and music. This is our manifesto:

“Laugh until you no longer know what it is to hate, release your soul, determine your own fate, lose your self consciousness, find anonymous awesomeness, in bottomless thoughtfulness, lose your inhibitions, forget the distractions, take non-violent direct action, be your own improvement, use your illusion. You are never alone, anyone can happen, be the best you, you can be. This is the blueprint, we are the nuisance, the fluent union of amusement. The Yellow Movement, the evolution revolution, a symbiosis of (un)conscious and conscience… do join us.”

Spread the Mustard love. Your Colonel needs you!

You ARE the 6th Dijon! We love you!

Thank you for being a friend.

Peace, love and Mustard.

Band Members

The 6th Dijon, Colonel John Thomas Mustard, Archduke Mortimer Winthorpe 3rd Marquis of Denmark, The Rant Queef Latina, Chinley Biggins, Hamoaglaphonic, Full Fathom Five, The Dijancer, DJ5, The Inflatable Ginger Party Vortex, Honey Grain, Badges McBuffters La Guapa, Vanilla Johnson, The Reverend B Natural, Bobby Snoobins, Moonchuck McMungus, Countess Frangipan, Sugar Ray Docken Leaf, Deano Dinosaur, mrjonthehat, Scott (Rubber Chicken Security), Eric Yellowboy, Shitney Bees, Freddie Dijon, C Murdoch Strongman, Jurassic Ant, Zebedee Harlem, St Badger of Mombassa, The Nubian Slave, Bongo Gorrilla, Lady Rastaman, Jeff Wanker, Ussain Bolt, Count Theodore Rocky Tuffliano, Franco Spanko, Bombadies Rice & Peas, Crab Man, Atherello Fonzarello, Lizardigan, Freezer Givesome, Tallest Man, Delgado Fitzpatrick, Skittle Boy, Fingers McVelvet, Mr Reasonable, Shauna Jean Sheen, Multi Vita Man, Donald Custard.


Best Live Act at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2015. Best UK Act at the Pure M (Ireland’s Music, Art & Culture Magazine) Awards 2015. Magnus Magnusson Award